Commercial real estate scenario in the middle of global pandemic

 The situation of COVID-19 is on-going, and this in turn has affected commercial real estate. All geographic areas are affected by this pandemic and every country has come up with its new strategy to overcome the crisis. For the past two quarters, the economy slumped especially as the US GDP felt a major slump than other geographic markets. But slowly after the second quarter, contraction began on the commercial real estate market. 

 Effects of pandemic

Before the pandemic began, the whole CRE market was healthy, and many surveys expected a steady increment in CRE markets. But the pandemic affected real estate, multi-family and CRE started to dip low in the economic curve. It affected many people from property owners, rentals, brokers, developers, and real estate agents. 

 The rates were badly affected in many CRE as many of the stores closed due to this COVID-19. The rise in delinquency boosted the CMBS at a triple rate than the 2012 recession period. Many hotels also faced low occupancy rates which resulted in loan spiking up to $21 billion during June 2020. Even the developing constructions of many CRE resulted in a downfall because of a shortage of materials. This graph will give you a better understanding of the dip that happened in CRE. 

  Contracting back to normal

Recovering after this pandemic is quite a hustle for many CRE owners. Health concerns will stay on top and most of the owners are pushed to spend the amount on creating an environment with social distancing and other precautionary steps to ensure safety within their commercial properties. Rent should be negotiated, and minor adjustments should be taken to keep the cash flow. Commercial property owners can follow the liquidity management which can be one better way to streamline cash flow and funding activities. 

Deloitte has given some strategies for backing up the financial sector. They suggest adopting the business towards the customer comfort zone. Rethinking some of the values for tenants. To perform virtual closures. The virtual closure on properties can be done with the help of computer vision and virtual tours. Short term leases can be extended. 

 Can we invest?

 This is one question which most of the commercial property investors or owners would have given a thought. Since the pandemic, the ratio of investors and buyers is decreasing rapidly due to many reasons like panic buying, saving money for a backup. Lending markets of real estate are still unstable. Investors who are willing to invest at these times can effectively invest but also should consider facts like building up space with social distancing and other precautionary commercial spaces. 

 If you are a prudent investor then you must check for so many aspects where to invest either with multi-family, retails, hotels, or office spaces. If you are planning to invest in office spaces, here is a piece of information to help you out. Any investor who is about to invest during this time of global pandemic must do a complete study on the type of investment property and cost spent on investment. It is better to invest little and save more because of the changing financial scenarios of COVID-19.


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