How Effective Would a Property Tax Consulting Firm be in Protesting my Texas Property Taxes?

Do you own a property in Texas? If you are looking to reduce your property taxes by hiring a property tax consulting firm, then you must definitely be having these big questions in mind.

Whom should I hire?

How much would it cost?

Is it the right choice? 

There is nothing wrong with asking yourself these questions, but the toughest part is finding the right answer. It is considered tough because each case differs. However, homeowners who are well prepared can present their case all by themself, win the case and get a favorable reduction.

Two major issues when you opt to protest all by yourself

Homeowners who opt to protest their property taxes usually face these two hurdles in common. 

1. Will you be able to show up for the hearings each and every year and

2. Do you have the time and patience to prepare for the hearings and protests?

Many opt for a property tax consulting firm because of the convincing factor.

Five primary reasons why you should opt for a property tax consulting firm

  • The value of experience

Property tax consultants bind their years of experience and bring them to the table and handle your property tax issues in a professional manner. The only aspect you have to keep an eye on is if the property tax consulting firm you hire is licensed. 

  • Efficiency

Many homeowners feel they can protest their property taxes on their own. But not all are competent. Many forget the deadlines. The main advantage of hiring a property tax firm is that your consultant will perform their duties keeping the tax deadlines in mind. The experts also review your property values, file protests on your behalf, and lot more.

  • Expertise in real estate valuation

A property tax consultant has expertise in real estate valuation which includes an income approach, sales approach, and a cost approach. When your property tax consultant is an expert in these approaches, they will know how to benefit your situation.

  • Professionalism

Property tax consultants help small businesses save dollars every year. It is always better to work with professionals who know the legalities in and out. This, in turn, helps you ease your stress.

  • Litigation

Usually, property tax consultants prove themselves successful in litigation. Sometimes as a real estate owner, you might get caught in a valuation settlement that cannot be settled via an administration process. In such cases, a property tax consultant comes into play. They can help you by providing legal recommendations. Since all property tax firms are responsible to protect the right of a taxpayer, they are liable to provide solutions that abide with the Texas Property Tax Code.

The bottom line

If you are tired of battling with your CAD every year, you can contact a property tax consultant and make them appeal to you. Appealing annually helps you maintain your taxation level. A few property tax firms do not charge you unless the protest is successful. You might not get a reduction every year, but you can be sure that your tax firm is trying to reduce your tax.


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