Top 4 Most Popular Real Estate Appraisal Software And Its Benefits

The business of real estate brings up a number of professional activities. One of these is appraisal. This is the determination of the present market value of a particular asset. Appraisal is often done before a sale. This process was initially performed manually and today there are lots of software tools which are specifically designed for appraisal purposes. By using real estate appraisal software, the process will be performed quicker and more accurate.

Here are 4 most popular real estate appraisal software and its benefits.


This software tool is online based and it delivers quick and accurate analytics. HouseCanary performs hybrid appraisals which are empowered by advanced strategies. This real estate appraisal software can also be used by different parties such as lenders, capital markets operators and the proprietors of single-family rental houses.


  •  It supports integration with 3rd party software tools which increases the speed and reduces the cost of operation.
  • This tool relies on the skills and techniques of professional real estate professional skills and techniques.
  • It is versatile.


This software is specially built for real estate agents. This software is used for both residential and commercial real estate appraisal. It is also capable of being used by different types of professionals such as lenders, managers etc. It can be used to track appraisal orders and other details from any location across the world. 


  • It is versatile and can handle both residential and commercial appraisal
  • This software is useful to many different professionals
  • It is based on Cloud architecture hence is easily accessible


CARS (Commercial Assessment Reporting System) is the most advanced commercial real estate assessment report writing software on the market that allows you to fully streamline the appraisal process. CARS is connected to National data, which can automatically pre fill your appraisal forms with the property data, advanced AI algorithms which recommend comps.


  • Increase the profit margin of your appraisal firm.
  • Reduces the cost to generate commercial real estate valuations, including narrative appraisals, by 50 to 80%.

ACI Analytics

The ACI Analytics software performs analytics and contains a listing database to facilitate property cost analyses. It includes sketching software, location maps, UAD compliance features, market conditions analysis, appraisal delivery, and additional plug-ins for flood maps, data storage, and more.


  • It performs deep research for appraisal
  • This software has a database that contains property listings
  • It can still perform automatic reporting

If you are new to the world of real estate appraisal software, this gives you an idea of what to choose and where to start. 


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