Tips to Appeal and Reduce Your Property Tax Annually:

If any ask about property tax, most homeowners likely tell you that they pay too much. Property taxes are calculated by local governments and paid by homeowners, which is also called as real estate tax.

It’s conceivable to appeal property tax by the value, taxman has assigned to your home. That “assessed value” is used to calculate how much tax you really owe.

One major thing to lower your property tax is to show that your home is worth less, not as much as its assessed value. You can do the initial research by making a quick call to your real estate agent.

Here are 6 steps on how to protest and reduce your property tax Annually:

  • File a Protest – Texas property tax appeals are filed using a form provided by the appraisal district. Else you can send a short letter to the chief appraiser at the central appraisal district stating that you are protesting your property taxes. Minimize your property tax by protesting annually. 
  • Research the Central Appraisal District’s Record Card – The appraisal district in your county will be having a record card for each one of your property. This card contains certain information like lot size, building size, amenities, and much more. You will need to go to the district office to receive the complete record and also you will be having a nominal charge. Errors in the record card are the best proof for a protest. It is difficult to keep up the right information for each property in the county.
  • Establish Property Value – Texas appraisal districts typically recognize one of the three unique ways to determine market value when granting reductions in property tax assessments. Those approaches are 
  1. Sales Comparison Approach
  2. Income Approach
  3. Cost Approach
  • Journey through the Legal Avenues
  1. Informal Hearing
  2. Appraisal Review Board Hearing
  3. Litigation

Reasons To Protest Property Taxes Annually:

  • It is your money.
  • For many Texas families, Property taxes are one of the most significant taxes. It has a high sales tax and no personal expense.
  • Property taxes are the only tax that can be appealed or requested.
  • Property tax is ad valorem. It means based on value.
  • Sensible individuals can differ on esteem.
  • People are the main motivation to fight your property burdens annually. 
  • You cannot get the hearing evidence package unless you fight for the property tax.

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