Tips to win a property tax appeal

The first thing every taxpayer does to win a property tax appeal is hiring a property tax consultant to understand the depth of the case and handle it. Evidence is what speaks the most when it comes to winning a property tax appeal. Taxpayers can rely on property tax consultants to gather evidence, complete the paperwork, and present the evidence in front of the board. This article is written with a view to helping taxpayers be informed on the ways of winning a tax appeal and this will also help you while discussing with your tax consultant.

Let things go the way they are

Each time a property owner files an appeal the tax assessor is the one who carries the burden and hence, as a property owner you need not take it too much even though collecting good evidence is a must to win an appeal.

Comparable sales a must

Having comparable sales can be compelling. Collecting data about the sale of similar properties indicate the price for your property. This depicts the uniformity and equity of the tax assessors value. In the case of inequity, it serves as a valid point for an argument in a property tax appeal.

Ask your tax advisor before including an independent appraiser report

An independent appraiser’s report is always not required to win a tax protest. It can of course be presented but it doesn’t mean you have to commission it. This might even reduce the chance of success. It is always wise to discuss this with your tax advisor.

Be a nosey neighbor

Be a nosey neighbor in a way that will help you win your property tax appeal. Get to know about the settlements made by your neighbors as it will help you collect evidence that the appraisal review board thinks that the values in your neighborhood might be high. Try finding how much the appraisal district has reduced so that you can claim for the same reduction.

Patience matters

The appraisal district board members, judges, and the other officers are sick and tired of dealing with aggressive property owners. So stay calm and deal with them in such a way that your voice is being heard.

Final thoughts

Always focus on what you can do to win an appeal. Try working with stuff that is in your control. Your life as a property owner might seem stressful but keep the above tips in mind, this will help make your life as a taxpayer a less stressful one.


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