Top 4 Commercial Real Estate Software To Improve Efficiency

Commercial real estate software  helps in managing the real estate operations conducted by the agents? As a matter of fact, these commercial real estate software are very good in providing  real estate solutions depending on the type of property and they are mostly used by managers in the commercial real estate business to handle processes, documents, and managing costs. Wondering which one is fit for you? Read below!

Commercial appraisal software offers many opportunities to grow your efficiency and increase your productivity. There are several companies out there offering innovative solutions to real estate software. Here are several real estate software worth checking out.

1. MRI Software

MRI Commercial Management offers the real estate managers with a perfect customization solution. It helps to maximize the profitability in real estate by improving the investments. It provides a real-time and actionable data that helps the companies manage their assets from a safe and secure platform. This software automates most of the work related to commercial property management in real estate. It is highly configurable and helps to eliminate human errors.


SKYLINE is a commercial real estate software that offers a great solution to agents and for property managers who are looking for an end-to-end solution in the real estate business. It helps the users in financial reporting, comprehensive accounting, tenant and lease management among others. This software is essential in streamlining operations and reporting. 


CARS is an appraisal online-software linked to a national commercial real estate database; over 22 million commercial properties. Why is it so much faster? Simple, you start by pulling in subject information. Over 7,000 commercial appraisals were completed on CARS during the first year. Users include both appraisers new to the field  and highly experienced appraisers, who were initially skeptical. Reduce time by 50%? It sounds preposterous. But it’s true. And a trial is FREE. No credit card required in this software.

3. Soft4RealEstate

Soft4RealEstate is designed to help the real estate commercial operators manage their households. The software is developed on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, and it works both on-premise deployment, and on web-based models. The application maintains tracks of the tenant’s information including turnover paid fees, contract violations all in one prospect database. It automatically calculates the pricing depending on the location of property and penalties for overdue payments. The program assists in separating rent pricing based on the number of buildings, contract details, and other premises. Besides, the tool is a standardized solution for all countries and it comprises multi currency and multi-language features.

If you are new to the world of real estate appraisal software, I hope this gives you an idea of what’s available out there and where to start.


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