Property tax appraisal protest and process to appeal in Texas

Property taxes can be a financial burden for Texas property owners. More than 50% of all state and local tax revenue come from property taxes, because Texas has no income tax. Local governments set tax rates, and business owners may find themselves taxed by several different agencies. To ensure that their taxes are equal and uniform as required by law, Texas business owners have the right to file a property tax protest every year.

Reasons You Should Protest Your High Property Taxes

Why is an annual property tax appeal important? The following are the reasons and tips on how to get the best reduction 

  • It is your money.
  • Spend your money better than the government.
  • Property taxes are the only tax that can be claimed on an annual basis.
  • People are the main reason to protest your property taxes every year. 

Why File an Appraisal Protest in Texas?

There are several reasons for Texas property owners to file an appraisal protest in Texas, some of them are:

  • Changes in the assessed or market value of your property;
  • Unequal assessed property value compared to other properties in the area;
  • Exemptions that may apply to your property;
  • Change in land use.

Steps to Protest and Reduce Your Property Value:

File a Protest

Texas property tax appeals are filed using the form provided by the appraisal district. The deadline to file a protest is May 15, or 30 days after notice of your assessed value is mailed to you, whichever is later. Protest your property tax annually to minimize your tax burden.

Research the Central Appraisal District’s Record Card

For every property, the appraisal district in your county will have a record card. The card contains lot size, building size, amenities, and much more information. To get the complete record card, you will need to go to the district office and you will be having a nominal charge.

Establish Property Value

Texas appraisal district has three different approaches that typically determine the market value when granting reductions in property tax assessments. Those three approaches are Sales Comparison Approach, Income Approach, and Cost Approach. 

Journey through the Legal Avenues

You will be notified of a date and time to attend a hearing after you file a protest. This hearing is conducted with an appraiser at the appraisal district office. At its conclusion, the appraiser will offer to settle by establishing lower assessment. Thus, these are some of the steps to protest and reduce your property value annually.


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