Texas Tax Protest – Is it important for property owners to opt for a protest?

As per the Texas property tax code, all properties are valued as of January 1, 2020. With the situation prevailing now, is it important for property owners to opt for a Texas Tax Protest? The purpose of this blog post is to give you an idea of how to successfully protest your property taxes. A lot of property owners have no plan and if you are one among them hope this article gives you an idea.

You wake up 30 minutes late early in the morning listening to the birds’ chirp, stretch your hands out to the table nearby to pick your phone, look at the phone’s screen with misty eyes and see an e-mail pop up with your property tax bill.  Nothing can make your day worse. Today is the day you should start your battle. Yes, like a true soldier, take a stand, file a protest, and fight for your property taxes.

Why fight your property taxes?

Stop paying more than you owe. Pay only a fair share of your property taxes and reduce your property taxes by opting for a Texas tax protest. When you keep protesting your property’s value every year you might end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. Start off with reducing your property taxes by claiming a homestead exemption and by appealing your property taxes every year. Make sure you use the exemptions to reduce your taxes. To check out on the exemptions simply google your county’s name followed by the tax assessor.

·        Prepare yourself for the hearing

If you are a property owner who is going to represent the case all by yourself then the chances of getting a reduction in the value are more if you follow the below:

1. For a successful Texas, tax protest make sure you request for an HB201 evidence packet, as it includes all the information your County Appraisal District used, to arrive at your property value.

2. Pictures speak for themselves, so take pictures of your property if there is any disrepair.

3. Have a printout of the satellite view of your property.

Appraisers will have to deal with about forty property owners every day so if your story is short with a piece of strong evidence you might get a value reduction.

·        The second option

If you are someone who does not have enough time or is afraid of talking to people, then simply hire a professional tax consultant. Many work on a contingency agreement and charge you only if they save you money.

No matter you opt to protest on your own or hire a professional tax consultant, the evidence is what speaks. Stick hard to the evidence and you will see saving money.

Protest your property’s value and not your property taxes

You must first understand that you are protesting the value of your property and not the taxes. Never have the opinion to give your appraiser a weepy story about the property tax burden, it is never going to work out. County Appraisal Districts only determine the value of your property and they do not have control over the taxes.

Protesting your property’s value will no way affect the sale price. The tax assessed value does not indicate the market value of your property.

The county appraisal district will never strike back if you protest, as per law it is every property owner’s right to protest.

Final Thoughts

If you think you can simply walk into the appraisal district and bully them to get the value reduced it is never going to work. As mentioned above no matter you opt to protest on your own or hire a professional tax consultant make sure the evidence speaks for you. Make sure you are mentally prepared and stay calm, with a strong evidence in your hand, what more should you worry about, just go, and put up your show.


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